Tableau is software that helps people easily create charts and graphs, allowing them to see and understand their data.

  • Visualization

    You can create almost any type of visualization with Tableau. From scattered plots, heat maps and word clouds to traditional bar graphs, dual lines and area charts.

  • Fast Analytics

    Connect and visualize your data in minutes. Tableau is 10 to 100x faster than existing solutions.

  • Smart Graphs

    Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

  • Ease of Use

    Anyone can analyze data with Tableau's intuitive drag & drop products. No programming, just insight.

  • Update Automatically

    Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define.

  • Share in Seconds

    Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile

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Tech Specs
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Data Connections
  • Tableau Server Data Sources
  • Actian Vectorwise 2.0 or later (Windows only)
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Cisco Information Server
  • Cloudera Hadoop Hive and Impala; Hive CDH3u1, which includes Hive .71, or later; Impala 1.0 or later (incl. Kerberos support for Impala)
  • DataStax Enterprise Edition 2.2 or later (Windows only)
  • EXASOL 4.2 or later (Windows only)
  • Firebird 2.1.4 or later
  • Google Analytics
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Hive 1.1 or later
  • HP Vertica 6.x or later
  • IBM BigInsights (Windows only)
  • IBM DB2 9.1 or later for Linux, UNIX, or Windows (available on Tableau Desktop/Server on Windows only)
  • IBM Netezza 4.6 or later (Windows only)
  • Kognitio
  • MarkLogic (Windows only)
  • MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop 2.x or later (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Access 2007 or later (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later
  • Microsoft PowerPivot 2008 or later (Windows only)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later (incl. support for Kerberos)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 or later, multi-dimensional mode only (Windows only)(incl. support for Kerberos)
  • Microsoft SQL Server PDW V2 or later
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace DataMarket
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • OData
  • Oracle Database 10.x or later
  • Oracle Hyperion Essbase 11.1.1 or later (Windows only)
  • ParAccel Analytics Database 3 or later (Windows only)
  • Pivotal Greenplum 4.x or later
  • PostgreSQL 8.3 or later
  • Progress OpenEdge 10.2B patch 4 or later (Windows only)
  •, including and
  • SAP HANA 1.0035 or later (Windows only)
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.00 with SP20+ recommended; also requires SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 or later client (Windows only)
  • SAP Sybase ASE 15.5 or later (Windows only)
  • SAP Sybase IQ 15 or later (Windows only)
  • Spark SQL requires Apache Spark 1.2.1 or later
  • Splunk Enterprise 6 or later (Windows only)
  • Statistical Files; SAS (*.sas7bdat), SPSS (*.sav), and R (*.rdata, *.rda)
  • Tableau Data Extract
  • Teradata V2 R6.2 or later
  • Teradata Aster Data nCluster 5.0 or later
  • Teradata OLAP Connector 14.10 or later (Windows only)
  • Text files -- comma separated value (.csv) files
  • Additional databases and applications that are ODBC 3.0 compliant

32-bit versions of Tableau require 32-bit data source drivers

64-bit versions of Tableau bit requirements for data source drivers are as follows:

64-bit Required

  • SAP BW
  • Teradata BIO
  • PowerPivot
  • Google BigQuery
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Essbase
  • Microsoft SSAS
  • Firebird

64-bit Optional

  • Access
  • Excel
  • Text files
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Access 2003 or later (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket
  • OData
  • Tableau Data Extract
  • Text files -- comma separated value (.csv) files
File Sharing Create package files for Tableau Reader

Publish to Tableau Server or Tableau Online for web and mobile access
Create package files for Tableau Reader
System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Server 2008 R2 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer (SSE2 or newer required)
  • 2 GB memory
  • 750 megabytes minimum free disk space
  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer
  • iMac/MacBook computers 2009 or newer
  • OS X 10.9 or newer
Virtual Environments
  • Citrix environments, Microsoft Hyper-V, Parallels, VMware, Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2.
  • All of Tableau’s products operate in virtualized environments when they are configured with the proper underlying Windows operating system and minimum hardware requirements.
Internationalization These products are Unicode-enabled and compatible with data stored in any language. The user interface and supporting documentation are in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
Tableau is one of the best tools out there for creating really powerful and insightful visuals. We’re using it for analytics that require great data visuals to help us tell the stories we’re trying to tell to our executive management team.
VP, Strategic Planning
Wells Fargo Bank

About Tableau

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 29,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites